"Complete cultural competence can never be fully attained; rather it is a lifelong process of learning, growing and changing. " 

- Eleanor W. Lynch & Marci J. Hanson


The Cultural Competency Program provides overall direction, focus, and organization in the implementation of the system-wide Cultural Competency Plan that addresses the enhancement of workforce development and the ability to incorporate languages, cultures, beliefs, and practices of its consumers into the services.


The Cultural Community Consultants chair or co-chair a related committee that is perspective of each of the underserved communities they represent. The advisory groups counsel Riverside University Heath System- Behavioral Health (RUHS-BH) on culturally informed engagement and service delivery. These advisory groups typically meet every other month and welcome community participation.


African American Family Wellness Advisory Group (AAFWAG) focus primarily on educating and engaging the community on reducing the stigma associated with mental health. The committee has successfully recruited a diverse group of individuals that dedicate themselves to reducing the disparities of this underserved population. 



Asian American Task Fore was organized to bring the Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) population in Riverside County together with providers and community health resources for the purpose of networking, education, advocacy, and community building. Its overall mission is to assist and guide the Cultural Competency Program to help AAPI population to achieve overall wellbeing in their bodies and minds. 



The Community Advocacy for Gender and Sexuality Issues (CAGSI) is an LGBTW Wellness Collaborative. CAGSI is a county-wide coalition of LGBTQ related organizations, consumers, and providers. The goal of CAGSI is to assist the RUHS-BH reducing disparities in the mental health system by ensuring the implementation of culturally competent services and advocating for, and implementing, prevention and early intervention strategies for the LGBTW community.


Cultural Competency Reducing Disparities Committee (CCRD) is a collaboration of community leaders representing Riverside's diverse cultural communities, united in a collective strategy to better meet the behavioral health care needs of traditionally underserved communities. CCRD is chaired by a mental health professional from the Cultural Competency program and has oversight by the RUHS-BH Cultural Competency manager. CCRD meets monthly and is open to the public.


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