Reassignment Opportunities

The following postings are current reassignment opportunities within Riverside University Health System- Behavioral Health. In order to be eligible for reassignment, candidates must meet the following requirements:

1. Currently be employed by the County of Riverside.
2. Currently be in the same job classification. This is NOT a promotional opportunity.
3. Have completed their probationary period and be a permanent employee.
4. Job reassignments are subject to the approval of RUHS-BH Management.

5. Please Note: Reassignments will be posted for 1 two week cycle only (Excluding Detention Positions).


Reassignment opportunities are posted for exactly two weeks to give employees of the same job classification ample time to apply for the available positions.

If you are interested in a position, please contact the corresponding "Contact Name" listed to express your interest and receive further guidance on the application process.


 Currently, there are no reassignments at this time.

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