The Public Guardian provides conservatorship investigation and administrative services. The division provides forensic psychiatric support for persons placed under the Welfare and Institutions Code conservatorship.

Conservatorship - is a court proceeding to appoint a manager for the financial and/or personal care needs of the individual who is either physically or mentally unable to provide for these needs alone. The conservator is held accountable by the Superior Court for the manner in which he/she administers the conservatorship.
 Conservatorship Investigation - this is the branch of the Public Guardian’s office which determines whether or not a client needs to be placed on conservatorship. The investigators gather information from the client’s family, therapist, doctors, and anyone else who may be involved with the client. Based on the information obtained a report is generated with a recommendation for or against conservatorship. The report is then submitted to a judge for the final determination.
 LPS/Property Management Administration - the Public Guardian has been designated by the County Board of Supervisors as the County office to serve as conservator under the Lanterman–Petris–Short (LPS) Act for persons gravely disabled as the result of a mental disorder. These individuals may require placement in a state mental institution or other facility for psychiatric treatment. Grave disability is defined as a condition in which a person, as a result of a mental disorder, is unable to provide for his/her basic personal needs for food, clothing, or shelter.
Probate Administration - operates under the legal requirements of the Probate Code, providing probate conservatorship services to persons who are unable to manage for themselves. This division manages property and/or provides for the personal care needs of the adult disabled and the infirmed.
Representative Payee Program - many clients of the Department of Mental Health find themselves in a position where they are unable to handle their own finances safely. In these cases, the Public Guardian has a program whereby a special person, called a payee, is established to collect the client’s Social Security income, then uses the money to pay the client’s bills such as rent, utilities, medical expenses, and other expenses of daily living. Clients may also ask the payee for money for personal expenses, such as clothing.

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