Sometimes you might have questions about your own thoughts, mood, or behaviors that worry you. Sometimes friends or family tell us that we might need to talk to someone. It can be confusing and even harder when you don’t know where to start. The Peer Navigation Line is a phone line where you can talk to a real person who is in their own behavioral health recovery – they have ‘been there’ and have had the same questions, fears, and judgments.  They want to help!

The Peer Navigation Line can:

·         Listen to your worries and talk about your choices

·         Help figure out where your local resources are

·         Help you decide which resources are best for you

·         Point out a good place to start

·         Answer questions about mental health recovery

·         Help you see the hope


Vision Statement

“We create doors, where walls and windows once separated people from their promise of a life worth living. We explore the needs of people and provide choices to assist them in navigating to a more hopeful and meaningful life. We collaborate with partners for community resources and education to create an interconnected system. We provide individuals with education and resources to empower them and promote self advocacy.  Our knowledge and experience are sought after, to provide support to the entire system to develop and sustain an environment that welcomes and inspires all who pass our threshold.”

Phone Number:  1-888-768-4968

Field level help.