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MHSA Annual Update

The Mental Health Services Act (MHSA) is a 2004 voter-approved proposition that created dedicated funding for the transformation of California’s public mental health service system.  Each county develops planning documents that are stakeholder informed in order to prioritize programs and services needed for each unique county region, community, and neighborhood.  A stakeholder can be anybody who has a stake in behavioral health care services in Riverside County and is concerned about Riverside wellness.

Due to gathering restrictions, last year’s annual update and 3-Year planning process was conducted primarily virtually. And you made it a great success!

We posted Public Hearing videos, in both English and Spanish, to this website, as well as, to our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Almost 17,000 Riversiders countywide saw the videos and over 14,000 engaged in the posts.

1,532 people watched the full video in English

1,677 people watched the full video in Spanish

 Thank you all for such active participation!

Please use the link below to read stakeholder feedback. Each comment was also reviewed by the Riverside County Behavioral Health Commission (BHC) and received a response. You can learn more about the BHC here: BEHAVIORAL HEALTH COMMISSION


RUHS-BH Mental Health Services Act Annual Update Fiscal Year 21/22

Planning Begins in Winter 2020!

As part of that process, we encourage stakeholder feedback on the annual plan!  This year we report on the MHSA annual update. This year’s annual update, once completed, is submitted to the California State Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) in July 2021. A fiscal year starts on July 1st and ends the following year on June 30th.

The MHSA team formalizes this process by attending stakeholder meetings hosted by the BHC and its subcommittees, the Cultural Competency Reducing Disparities committee and each of the related underserved cultural population advisory committees, and through the MHSA Steering committees.  To participate in these meetings/committees, please see the Stakeholder Participation Materials under the Quick Links.

Because COVID adaptations and gather restrictions fluctuate and change over time, we are again planning a primarily virtual stakeholder process. Should restrictions relax so that social gatherings can safely operate, MHSA Admin will add in-person forums to this schedule so that community has the opportunity to meet MHSA Administration team members, learn more about the plan, ask questions, and provide direct feedback.

Current Timeline (Subject to Change):

Fall/Winter 2020: Preparation

January 2021: Program Managers and MHSA Plan authors are notified to develop their annual narratives that constitute the plan document. The Research and Evaluation unit finalizes data analysis and reporting on related MHSA programs and populations served.

January 2021 – March 2021: MHSA Team members meet with stakeholder groups to provide annual update information and encourage feedback

April 2021: A draft plan of the Mental Health Services Act Annual Update Fiscal Year 21/22 is posted for 30 public review and comment

May 2021: Public hearing videos are released. Feedback to the plan reviewed with responses completed by the BHC.

June 2021: MHSA Plan approved by the BHC and sent to Riverside County BOS for adoption.

July 2021:  MHSA Plan submitted to the California DHCS.

We look forward to your participation!

Please share this opportunity with other stakeholders and encourage all stakeholders to participate! New MHSA Plan Toolkits and announcements based on this year’s plan will be sent via email in both English and Spanish.

If you would like to be added to our distribution list, please send us an email to: MHSA@ruhealth.org

Thank you! And be well.


David M. Schoelen, LCSW


Behavioral Health Services Administrator

RUHS-BH MHSA Administration












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